we are all thieves
"Minds to twist and values to corrupt."

Lucius Abraxas Malfoy
Proud Pureblood Slytherin.
Purity conquers all.
Now love, don't waste my time.
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Heading off to bed.  Goodnight x

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Just remember Lucius-- when in doubt, pinky out.

My pinky is always out, Alecto.


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Nothing much of importance, merely the unfolding of the apocalypse.

Hm, I’ll go fetch my lawn chair and a glass of lemon water.


#t: emma
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That’s it. For now. Wait until we get to work. Then you’ll get to see the real Emma Vanity. -grins up at him and a bit relieved that they had a new Seeker. Raises an eyebrow at him- Thank you. That’s all I’m asking is that you give me all you’ve got. What do you want to do now?

The real Emma Vanity, oh goody! [feigns excitement, widening his eyes momentarily] And you won’t have to ask more than once.  We’ll practice you’re satisfied. [looks down at her] It’s up to you, Princess.

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Ah, yes as that was clearly the aspect of your person I was most concerned of. Welcome back to the land of the living dear friend, life was ever so empty an existence without your being.

But of course it is.  As it should be.

Thank you for the warm welcome, dear Alecto.  It feels good to be back.  What did I miss in my absence?


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[rolls his eyes, reaching into one of the pockets of his robes and withdrawing his wand. he flicks it over her hands until the stain is gone then drops it back into his deep pocket and eyes her curiously] You mustn’t leave your wand unattended.

(Her face brightens up when her hands are clean and she gives him a smile before her face changes into a frown) I thought I was among friends. (She remarks lightly, averting her eyes to the floor) No one would touch my wand either way. 

Don’t be so trusting.  Trust no one, love.  [he gives her a soft grin and fixes the books beneath his arms and they begin to slide] I’ve got a bit of studying to do.  Evening.

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You’re alright. -grins slightly- You have no self control. You need to learn how to do a few things. Your turns are too wide. We’ll work on it. -has no idea what he’s saying is a dirty joke- Good. I need you all in. I can’t accept anything less. -moves to the Slytherin storage shed and puts her broom away-

Well, fuck.  Anything else? [laughs, starting to walk back up to the courtyard] I’m all about putting it all in and hey, if that’s what you want, that’s what I’m going to give you. [snickers, looking back over his shoulder]

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It figures. I have told him all too many times to be more careful, but apparently he is allergic to the ideal of developing standards. Tisk.


What’s that?


P.S. I’m back from the dead.  Dick intact and all.

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Is it bad that I just read “Fabian” as if it sounded like “Fap-bian” and I literally laughed out loud can we just, oh god what’s wrong with me.

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[Owl] Pardon sir, have you by chance received word of the always dashing Lucius Malfoy? I have not seen much of him as of late, and I have begun to fear he may have been mauled by a Grindylow.

Miss, I am sorry to inform you that Lucius Malfoy has, in fact, been mauled by a Grindylow.  That’s what happens when you put your dick in places it doesn’t belong……….. … …